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2016-07-25: Manic Mondays Episode 475

475FuMPFest Spotlights: MEGATHRUSTER and Worm Quartet
[download]This week we have two more artists who will be performing at FuMPFest, and a fund raiser for a very good cause.

1. "The Top 10 Things to Never Say on a First Date" by MC Lars
2. FuMPFest Spotlight: MEGATHRUSTER! "Other People Playing Minecraft" by MEGATHRUSTER
3. News of the Stupid
4. FuMPFest Spotlight: Worm Quartet! "The Ballad of Dr. Stopp" by Worm Quartet

Please visit to pick up MC Lars' entire discography for as little as $1 and help raise money for suicide prevention.

    2016-07-18: Manic Mondays Episode 474

    474FuMPfest Spotlight: Dino-Mike and Pokemon!
    [download]This week's FuMPfest Spotlight is on Pokemo... crap, wait... it's Dino-Mike! Everything ELSE is Pokémon!

    1. “Pokeball” by Todd Chappelle
    3. FuMPfest Spotlight: Dino-Mike! “Creepy Kind of Love” by Dino-Mike
    4. “Ghostbusters” by Insane Ian featuring the great Luke Ski and Devo Spice
    5. BONUS SONG FRUM $EAM0NK3Y: “I Choose You To DIE!” by Starbomb

    Todd Chappelle is at
    Dino-Mike is at
    Insane Ian is at
    Starbomb is at

      2016-07-11: Manic Mondays Episode 473

      473FuMPfest Spotlights: Tom Smith AND Devo Spice!
      [download]This week's FuMPfest Spotlight artist is... TWO! Tom Smith, the worlds's fastest filker, and Devo Spice?!? Well, yeah, he's an artist at FuMPfest too... though it sounds a LITTLE narcissistic to profile one's self, it IS accurate and does make for entertainment listening to him refer to himself in the 3rd person! Plus, it's not all him, you get Tom and some other cool stuff too, like:

      1. “Raw Hide (The Waxing Song)” by Reformed Whores
      2. “Smash The Frickin’ Fairies (Live at PenguiCon)” by Tom Smith
      3. News of the STUPID
      4. FuMPfest Spotlight: Devo Spice! “The Comedy-Music Life” by Devo Spice

      Reformed Whores are at
      Tom Smith is at
      And Devo Spice is at

        2016-07-04: Manic Mondays Episode 472

        472FuMPfest Light-Cast-By-Firework: Carrie Dahlby!
        [download]Though he doesn't mention it, Devo Spice recorded this week's show in his car on the beach! So to all youze listening in your car and not out there on the beach, this one's for you!
        Your explosive Fourth of July lineup is:

        1. “#TrumpSoPoor” by Lauren Mayer
        2. FuMPfest Spotlight on: Carrie Dahlby! “Wreckin’ by the Book (The Cake Wrecks Song)” by Carrie Dahlby
        4. “Burgers on the Grill” by Bob Rivers

        Lauren Mayer is at
        Carrie Dahlby is at
        Bob Rivers is at

          2016-06-27: Manic Mondays Episode 471

          471FuMPfest Spotlight: 2D6 and Paul & Storm!
          [download]This episode is full o' FuMPness as we not only feature longtime FuMP staple Tom Smith but we put a candle on one end of a slide that has large magnifying glasses on the ends and then we LIGHT that candle and shine this contraption upon FuMPfest performers 2D6 (not a new Star Wars droid) and FuMPfest guests of honor, Paul & Storm (rumored to be new Star Wars droids)!!

          1. “Just a Kid from Brooklyn” by Tom Smith
          2. “Number 8 Will Blow Your Mind” by 2D6
          3. NEWS OF THE STOOPID! *NSFW ALERT: Devo goes ham cussing at the end!
          4. “This Song” by Paul and Storm

          Tom Smith is at
          2D6 is at
          And Paul and Storm are at

            2016-06-20: Manic Mondays Episode 470

            470FuMPfest Spotlight: Tim Cavanagh
            [download]This week's episode features a FuMPfest spotlight on Tim Cavanagh, some congratulatory tidbits from TV's Kyle's new cartoon hit, Mighty Magiswords, and the REAL reason your kids like you as a father!

            1. “Daddy’s Money” by Ogden Edsl
            2. FuMPfest Spotlight: “My Girlfriend Spontaneously Combusted” by Tim Cavanagh
            3. News Of The Stupid!
            4. “Mighty Magiswords Medley” by TV's Kyle

            Ogden Edsl’s music can be found on
            Tim Cavanagh is at
            And TV’s Kyle is at

              2016-06-13: Manic Mondays Episode 469

              469Highlights From a Homeless Guy's Butt
              [download]On this week's show we do the cute commute, pull out some new old Allan Sherman and Devo finally gets around to reviewing Dino Mike's "ANALBUM"!

              1. “Baby on the Subway” by Camille Harris
              2. NEWS. OF. THE. STUPID.
              3. “Just Give Me a Cause (Live)” by Allan Sherman
              4. Dementia Breakdown: Review of "ANALBUM" by Dino-Mike
              5. “Don’t Be Obscene” by Dino-Mike

              Camille Harris is at
              Allan Sherman’s new album is available on
              and Dino-Mike is at

                2016-06-06: Manic Mondays Episode 468

                468Tactical Strikes!
                [download]This week's episode has Lonely Island sex you up with tactical precision, shoots you down with an Angry Birds tune, and takes aim at those types of people who have 'nads for brains!

                1. “Finest Girl (Bin Laden Song)” by The Lonely Island
                2. “Angry Birds!” by Bill and Brenda Sutton
                3. News! Of! The! STUPID!!
                4. “Dick Heads” by Steve Goodie

                The Lonely Island are at
                Bill and Brenda Sutton are at
                And Steve Goodie is at Steve

                  2016-05-30: Manic Mondays Episode 467

                  467Spicy Calamari Makes You Old (or Things This Episode Taught Me)
                  [download]This week Devo dips into the Troma bucket, spices things up, and gets near-elderly!

                  1. “Poultrygeist (Theme Song) by Calamari Safari”
                  2. “Spicy” by Max Degroot
                  3. News Of The Stupid!
                  4. “Halfway Closer to Dead” by Katie Goodman

                  I don’t think Calamari Safari is a real band as I could find no information other than that one song.
                  Max Degroot can be found on the FuMP Sideshow.
                  And Katie Goodman is at

                    2016-05-23: Manic Mondays Episode 466

                    466Let's Potty!
                    [download]This week's episode is obsessed with "down there". Jessica Delfino defines the anal of life, Steve Goodie pisses all over Weird Al, and Todd Chappell just wants to go potty!

                    1. “Life Keeps Fucking Me in the Ass” by Jessica Delfino
                    2. “The Weird Al Country Medley” by Steve Goodie
                    3. News Of The Stupid!
                    4. “Let ‘em Pee” by Todd Chappell

                    Jessica Delfino is at
                    Steve Goodie is at
                    And Todd Chappelle is at