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2016-09-26: Manic Mondays Episode 484

484Monday Toons
[download]This week's episode is toon'rific, with a new Weird Al cartoon theme song, Smashy Claw and Scooter Picnic! Throw in some Bad Advice and News of the Stupid and this episode really gets you animated!

1. “Milo Murphy’s Law Theme Song” by Weird Al Yankovic
2. Noos Ov Thu Stoopid
3. “Pirate” by Smashy Claw
4. Bad Advice with Devo Spice (ding!)
5. “I Live in the Future from You” by Scooter Picnic

Weird Al Yankovic is at
Smashy Claw is at and their IndieGoGo
campaign can be found at
And Scooter Picnic is at

    2016-09-19: Manic Mondays Episode 483

    483Con, Con, Boobs!
    [download]Hey! New game! Can you guess the con from the boob? We couldn't either... at least in reference to this year's choices for President! Nyuk nyuk! This week we have con men and con-ventions, then boobs abound with News of the Stupid and a song about having 2 big boobs... and that time we didn't mean Clinton and Trump!

    1. “Take Back America” by Tony Goldmark
    2. “Super Duper Con” by MEGATHRUSTER
    3. News O' The Stupes
    4. “Heavy Boobs” by Rachel Bloom

    Tony Goldmark is at
    Megathruster is at
    And Rachel Bloom is at

      2016-09-12: Manic Mondays Episode 482

      482Boldly Going... in Our Adult Diapers
      [download]Hey! Star Trek is FIFTY!! (50!!!!) Feel OLD yet? No? Well then let's ALSO go back to the 1980s (which was almost FORTY years ago!) and then celebrate the life of another fallen homie, Gene Wilder. RIP, Mr. Wonka, and pass the chocolate laxatives.

      1. “Star Trekkin’” by The Firm
      2. “Mmm mmm 80s (Three Kids)” by Bonecage
      3. News of the Stupid
      4. “Puttin’ On the Ritz” by Gene Wilder

      The Firm’s music can be found on Pandora and Spotify
      Bonecage is at
      And Gene Wilder is now in a better place, away from all the ravages of 2016

        2016-09-05: Manic Mondays Episode 481

        481Those Post-FuMPfest Blues But It's Labor Day So It's Gonna Be OK Non-Blues Extravaganza!
        [download]FuMPfest is over, so we can quit harping on it... except that we can't. We miss it. Good thing we can relive a highlight through the miracle of RECORDING TECHNOLOGY!!! And holy schmolians, this episode also has facial-hair-rock, an ode to a new video game, News of the Stupid, AND Bad Advice With Devo Spice!
        It's gonna be OK after all!!

        1. “The Here and Now (Live at FuMPFest 2016)” by the great Luke Ski
        2. BAWDS! (Bad Advice With Devo Spice. Yeah, yeah, we're workin' on it)
        3. “Obey the Beard” by Psychostick
        4. NEWS OF THE SPITUD!!
        5. “What’s That?!?” by The Axe Man

        - The great Luke Ski is at
        - Psychostick is at
        - The Axe Man is at

          2016-08-29: Manic Mondays Episode 480

          480Live From FuMPFest 2016
          [download]This week's episode was recorded live at FuMPFest 2016, featuring performances by Insane Ian, and Luke Ski and Carrie Dahlby. Also, Vambre and Prohias' Best Rapport podcast!

            2016-08-22: Manic Mondays Episode 479

            479FuMPfest Spotlight: Zack Shornick and the Pathetic Men
            [download]Our final FuMPfest spotlight for the year goes to Zack Shornick and the Pathetic Men! And the rest of the show goes to hell with the likes of Trump and the absence of beer!

            1. “King Trump” by Bob Rivers
            2. FuMPfest Spotlight: Zack Shornick and the Pathetic Men! “Mother Me (Live)” by Zack Shornick and the Pathetic Men
            3. Le News of Le Stupid
            4. “In Heaven There Is No Beer” by Clean Living

            Bob Rivers is at
            Zack Shornick and the Pathetic Men is at
            And that Clean Living song is from the early 70s so no web site for them, but you can still find that one on various compilations if you look around.

              2016-08-15: Manic Mondays Episode 478

              478FuMPfest Spotlight: The Gothsicles!
              [download]This week's episode highlights the dancey-in-your-pantsy that is The Gothsicles, plus serves up some NEW Barnes and Barnes and confounded cowboy conundrums!

              1. “Hell’s On Fire” by Barnes & Barnes
              2. FuMPfest Spotlight: The Gothsicles! “Cthulhu Fhartwagon” by The Gothsicles
              3. News of the STUPID!
              4. “Country Song” by Bo Burnham

              Barnes and Barnes are at, which hasn’t been updated since 2009, so to get their new album you’ll have to go directly to
              The Gothsicles are at
              And Bo Burnham is at

                2016-08-08: Manic Mondays Episode 477

                477FuMPfest Spotlight: Seamonkey and Library Bards!
                [download]This week's episode medals in every event! From a Duran Duran parody about this year's Olympic Games to spotlights on FuMPfest 2016 performers Seamonkey and Library Bards (separately, not together... don't worry, Bards, your rep is solid), this episode grabs the gold(platedaluminum)!

                1. “Rio” by Chuckleball
                2. News... of... THE STUPID!!!!
                3. FuMPfest Spotlight: Seamonkey! “She’s Underage” by Seamonkey
                4. FuMPfest Spotlight No. 2: Library Bards! “Buccaneer” by Library Bards

                Chuckleball is at
                Seamonkey is at
                And Library Bards are at Library

                  2016-08-01: Manic Mondays Episode 476

                  476FuMPfest Spotlight: Rob Paravonian!
                  [download]This week's episode puts the spotlight on comedian Rob Paravonian, gets down to business and catches AAAAAAAALLL them STDs!

                  1. “It’s Business Time” by Flight of the Conchords
                  2. FuMPfest Spotlight: Rob Paravonian - “The Real Story Behind the Trump Campaign’s New Logo” by Rob Paravonian
                  3. News of the STUPID!
                  4. “STD’s: Gotta Catch ‘Em All!” by Brentalfloss

                  Flight of the Conchords are at
                  Rob Paravonian is at
                  And Brentalfloss is at

                    2016-07-25: Manic Mondays Episode 475

                    475FuMPFest Spotlights: MEGATHRUSTER and Worm Quartet
                    [download]This week we have two more artists who will be performing at FuMPFest, and a fund raiser for a very good cause.

                    1. "The Top 10 Things to Never Say on a First Date" by MC Lars
                    2. FuMPFest Spotlight: MEGATHRUSTER! "Other People Playing Minecraft" by MEGATHRUSTER
                    3. News of the Stupid
                    4. FuMPFest Spotlight: Worm Quartet! "The Ballad of Dr. Stopp" by Worm Quartet

                    Please visit to pick up MC Lars' entire discography for as little as $1 and help raise money for suicide prevention.